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The best free image banks to download photos without copyright


If you have just created a blog, are creating a web page or are a community manager that manages social networks, most likely you need free and attractive images that attract the user’s attention, and that fit perfectly with the content that you have written.

Taking the first photos you find on Google Images is not worth it, as they do not have the same quality as good, stylish, high-resolution photos from a professional photographer and, furthermore, many will have copyrights that can lead to problems in the future.

To solve this problem, in this article I have compiled for you the 15 best free high resolution image banks.

I have only chosen the best quality, so you will have an excellent repertoire of free had photos without copyright so that you can use them on your blog, website or social networks without having to ask for permission.

What is an image bank?

An image bank is an online photo store where you can find all kinds of images: real photos from professional photographers, illustrations, images from anywhere in the world, photos categorized by theme and even icons of multiple colors and designs.

A very important detail that you should take into account, when downloading free images to use on your website or social networks, is that in order to publish them you need to be photos without copyright, that is, free of copyright. In this way, you can use them without fear and in most cases without having to attribute their use to anyone.

15 banks to download free images without copyright and high resolution

Next, I’m going to show you 15 pages where you can download royalty-free images and photos. In them you will find all kinds of free high resolution photos, with an impressive quality and, in most cases, you will not even have to register.

In these banks you will find images of professional origin that will allow you to leave a good impression on who accesses your blog or sees your publications on social networks.

They are the best, because the images without copyright they present for free download are well organized, ordered by categories and their search engines work very effectively so that you can find yours quickly.


It has a group of photography professionals who daily upload had images of all kinds and themes. Without a doubt, it is one of my favorite pages to download free photos and that is why I use it when I need high resolution images for my web projects and my social networks.

You can freely access the entire collection of images without having to create an account, or leave your email in return.

The operation is simple. Pixels has a search engine that allows you to find the photos you are looking for quickly. When you choose the image you like, you just have to click on it and it will open large so you can download it.

In addition, you can see the technical data of the image and a series of labels that you can use to find related photographs.


It is one of the most popular free images download pages in the world. It has a large store of more than 1.3 million free photos that also includes illustrations, vectors and icons. On this site you can download all the free images you want without having to ask the author for permission. They don’t even ask you to sign up!

As soon as you enter you will see that it has a search engine that will allow you to find the photo you are looking for and that groups the results in categories such as predominant colors of the image, orientation of the photograph (vertical or horizontal) and many more.

However, you have to bear in mind that when doing a search, the first row that appears corresponds to paid images from Shutter Stock. Therefore, if you do a search on this site, you have to choose between those that appear large just below. These are the photos that you can download at no cost, while those that appear in smaller frames with a yellow background will direct you to payment options.

Stock Snap

It is considered as one of the best free image banks to download high resolution photos without a license. One of the advantages of this website is that it allows you to filter the photos according to many categories such as business, family, woman, food, money, and beach, summer, among others.

The variety of this page is incredible and is constantly being updated, which makes it a great tool to feed your blog, your website or your social media posts with stunning had images.


This free image bank will not only allow you to view and download free photos, but it also works as a storage platform, allowing you to save up to 100 Gb of photos  on its servers. If you don’t need this functionality, you don’t need to register to start downloading free images.

Using Flickr is easy. You just have to write the specific category you are looking for in the search engine located at the top and immediately afterwards, the best images without copyright will appear organized in order of importance. The best of all is that the search can be done in Spanish and you will find thousands of results.


With incredible yet simple images, the Madeleine team delights us with a wide range of categories that can range from striking landscapes to influential characters in today’s culture. Thanks to this, Madeleine has become one of the best free high-resolution images and photos banks.

To download the images you need to click on each photo and make sure it is a royalty-free photo without copyright. Well, otherwise the link and the author’s name will appear at one end of the image.


Although it is a relatively new free photo bank compared to the others, Gratisography has become an essential tool for those who are constantly looking for original photos, which break the scheme of the common.

Most of the photographs found on this site have been taken by photographer Ryan McGuire, who by editing his work adds a unique and singular style. To download free photos from this page, you do not need to create an account. All you have to do is enter a keyword with what you want to find in the “search” section and start downloading your royalty-free photos.


If what you need is to download free and real photos, this is the best option. It is recognized for its highest quality, so it is not surprising the large number of visits that this free image bank receives.

Not only does it present a wide range of possibilities, but as time passes, more and more photographs are added without neglecting their quality.

On the other hand, it is a very simple page to use since they are ordered by author and various filters can be used to find what you are looking for. Thanks to this filter, you will be able to keep the name of the photographer you like and thus download all their images to have a good collection of beautiful photos with the same style.

Super famous

Although it does not have a large number of images among its options if we compare it with other free image banks, the photographs found here are of surprising resolution and quality. On this site you can find abstract representations, dream landscapes and even first-person portraits.

Although Super famous had images are free to download, they are copyrighted. The license by which they are governed is Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, for which it is necessary that when using them or when making any edition, the author is notified. In fact, even if you use them without doing any editing, you must send the link to the author to notify the use of their image or add the name of the same at the bottom of the photograph.

Stock vault

Stock vault has more than 50,000 photos. It is not only a free image bank, but also a very useful tool for artists that will allow you to download free high-resolution photos with an endless number of different textures and surfaces.

The originality of this image bank has allowed it to be among the top positions in the various results lists. Most of what is presented on this online platform are images without copyright; however, next to each option there is also an information box with the rights of each image. Due to this fact, users will be able to know if the photo is subject to any license: if they are royalty-free images or if they have a Creative Commons.


Specially created for people who need beautiful and impressive photos, Stoic allows you to download tons of free high resolution photos without copyright. To start enjoying them, you don’t even need to register. All you have to do is click on the image you want to download and click the Download button.

An important feature to highlight about Stoic is that, although all the photos can be downloaded for free, when using them to represent a business or trade, you will have to respect copyright and include the corresponding link next to the image. This procedure is not necessary in case they are for personal use.

Split shire

This free image bank comes from Europe, specifically, Italy, by the hand of graphic designer Daniel Nonesuch. Split shire has seen Nanescu’s track record for over ten years. Although the launch of the service offered by this site is recent, the elegance and luxury found in each portrait make it one of the best.

One detail that is essential to highlight is that because it is a relatively new site, the variety of material to choose from is not very wide. On the other hand, it should also be noted that all photos can be downloaded for free, but they are subject to licenses by their author, which must be taken into account in case of using them in commercial and business matters. At the bottom of each photograph you can find the use that the author himself allows you to give each one.

Free photos

As its name suggests, in free photos you can download thousands of high-resolution photographs for free to use on your social networks, web or blog without asking anyone’s permission, since they are images without rights.

It has a small search engine above where you can easily find thousands of photos. Not obstinate, in the menu you have a section of categories where free photos distributes the images according to the theme. This makes the search easier, since if you are looking for photographs of a specific subject, you can click on it and thus you will only see the images without copyright of that subject you have chosen.

Free images

As its name suggests, it is a free image bank from which you can download thousands of high-resolution photos of all kinds. Photos for social networks, to give a boost to your website or blog, business, technology, vintage, modern…

It has a very intuitive search engine in which you can put the word or subject of which you want the photos and the platform will offer thousands of high-quality images. You can also filter by categories and even the most popular photos.

To download your photos for free, you have to register in 1 minute, choose the size you want and click download.


Jaymantri offers immense quality had images. New free photos and videos are added weekly, including landscape portraits or images of nature or the city. Photos can be downloaded free of charge on this website, without the need for permission from the author. Nor is it necessary to make a registration in it.

To find the image that best suits your project, you must take a tour of all the photos that Jaymantri presents, since it does not have search options and it is not ordered by categories that allow you to locate specifically what you need.


It is a free high resolution image bank sponsored by the specialist advertising agency “Leroy Advertising ” and its network of photography professionals.

If your goal is to download free photos that are not subject to any kind of license, this is the best option. Although it doesn’t have as much variety of copyright-free images as other sites, the high resolution of the photos they present is incredible and new ones are added every week.

Morgue file

Morgue file was launched in 1996 by Michael Connors and has allowed photography professionals and artists to publicize their work, exhibiting it for free.

This free image bank has hundreds of high-quality options for which you don’t have to pay anything. However, there are some photographs that are paid, so you will have to look at each one by clicking on them to see what type they are.

As in other pages to download images without copyright, it is not necessary to create a user account to have access to the more than 13 million photos that can be downloaded free of charge.


In this free image bank you can find a huge variety of photos. Upon entering the site, you will see a filter that presents all the had images organized by various categories to facilitate your search.

You don’t need a registration to download free photos and the site is constantly updated, about once a week. Currently, Mattock has more than 2,000 options of high-resolution and quality photographs, among which you can find the one that best suits the idea you have in mind.

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