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The 8 SEO techniques to get backlinks or do follow links


To improve your web positioning, there are various SEO techniques that well combined can catapult your website with zero visits, to the top 10 of Google. One of the ones that works best is to get quality links or backlinks, also called do follow links, through link building strategies.

However, this is usually the most difficult task in SEO. Therefore, today I will teach you 8 specific SEO techniques that you can easily replicate to get inbound links to your website from now on.

Let’s get started!

What is link building?

Link building is an Off Page SEO technique whose objective is to get other websites to link to yours. Google understands this as a recommendation, so if you get quality links from web pages with good authority, your content will rank much better in search engines.

However, not all links are worth the same. There are mainly two types:

  • Do follow links: these are the links that will help you the most to improve your SEO positioning. If a website that has a good authority links you using this way, in addition to passing you traffic, it will give you a good boost of authority that will make you rise in the results pages. They are the most difficult to obtain.
  • No follow links: these do not transmit SEO strength, although they can generate visits since they are links like any other for the user. The only thing that changes is a label in the code to make it clear to Google that no authority is being conveyed to it.

To find out if a link is of one type or another, it is as easy as right-clicking on the link and clicking on “Inspect element”. The browser console will open where you can see the HTML and CSS code of the page. The no follow links are those with the label reel = »external no follow», reel = »no follow» or similar as you can see in this image:

The best SEO techniques to get quality backlinks or links

Next I am going to present you the 8 best SEO techniques to get do follow backlinks that will improve your SEO positioning.

However, keep in mind that link building alone will not take you to the TOP 10 of Google. Do not forget that you will also need a good content strategy and perform an SEO on Page optimization of all your sections.

If you use WordPress and want to know how to do it, I recommend that you read this article in which I show you SEO plugins that will help you a lot in this task.

As for obtaining links, there are many ways to get do follow links but I am going to show you the ones that I think are easier for anyone to follow, even if they have never done any link building strategy.

Remember that it is always better to put links on sites that have a theme similar to yours. Before you start to get SEO links using these techniques left and right, make a selection of the places that are related to your theme.

SEO Technique 1: Writing Quality Reviews

If you use a tool or web service that has a page with a domain authority higher than yours, you can investigate if they have areas where users can give their opinion about the quality of the service. Normally, almost all companies have a section in which they show the satisfaction of their customers.

In addition, the most common is that within that view, appears the photo and the name of the author with a nice do follow link to your website.

Therefore, look for sites that allow quality reviews to get do follow backlinks. Some of these sites may be hosting providers or social media management tools.

SEO Technique 2: Translating Plugins

Do you speak several languages? If the answer is yes, you are in luck. You can easily get do follow backlinks using this SEO technique.

If you use WordPress often, you will know that there are a lot of plugins that are still completely in English or in a language other than Spanish. Well, if you find any, contact the author saying that you would be happy to translate the plugin if he later mentions you with a do follow link. The good thing about this method is that it does not cost a penny and both parties gain something.

To know the plugins that have not yet been translated, go to the WP Plugin Directory and look in the description of the plugins for the languages ​​to which they are translated. You will find something like this:

In the above case, I contacted the developer and now I am translating the plugin in exchange for getting a link. As a personal recommendation, try to find plugins that have little text to translate, otherwise you will spend too much time for each one.

SEO Technique 3: Commenting on Forums

There are forums that allow you to include do follow links in the answers as long as you are adding value and additional information in your answer.

For example, if browsing through a forum I find a post in which someone asks how to install WordPress, I, who have an article in which I explain it in detail and with images, I would respond by giving summarized information and would put a link to my post so you can see all the complete information. In this way I am helping a user and I am also getting a do follow link and a handful of free visits.

SEO Technique 4: From Social Networks

Social Networks usually have a high domain authority. However, the links you place when you share content in your tweets or posts on the different walls are no follow. But don’t worry, I’m here to tell you where we can sneak them

For example, in Google Plus we can place our URL in our own profile, entering “About me” in the “Websites” section.

From the LinkedIn profile we can repeat the same procedure in the “Contact information ” section, “Websites” section. Copy and paste the URL of your website and you will have another do follow link from a domain with a very good authority.

SEO Technique 5: Writing as a Guest Author

Another of the most typical ways to get SEO backlinks is by writing in other blogs that deal with a topic related to yours. In Google’s eyes, a do follow link from a related-themed website is worth much more than from a website that has nothing to do with your industry.

When you have found that blog with a domain authority and higher traffic than yours, see if the author has a section dedicated exclusively to Guest Blogging. At present, many blogs already contemplate this possibility so it is very easy to find the opportunity for it.

Guest Blogging consists of writing a good article and giving it to the owner of the blog or website where you want to publish it. In return, you gain visibility in a blog with higher traffic and incidentally the owner lets you place a couple of SEO links.

If you follow this strategy, you should know that it is better to write in several different blogs than to always write in the same one.

SEO Technique 6: Buy Quality Links

In the past, Google took into account the number of links that pointed to your website without looking at where they came from or the time it took you to get them.

Due to this, the so-called “link farms” proliferated, which were web portals where you could pay a moderate amount of money in exchange for them to put hundreds or thousands of links on various websites created specifically for it. However, Google is not stupid and a few years ago they released one of the most famous updates to their algorithm called Penguin.

Penguin analyzes the links that point to your website to see their quality and the naturalness with which you have achieved them. If it detects that the links come from these types of farms and that you have obtained them overnight, and believe me that it is very easy to identify, it can penalize you severely, with which your positions in the search results will drop dramatically.

Therefore, buying links of this type is a waste of time.

However, there are other websites where you can get do follow backlinks through your purchase. This strategy is usually done by large companies that have a high budget and are in a hurry to position. However, there are also sites where you can get quality links without having to fork out a fortune.

Some of the most famous platforms to buy SEO links are Cobi’s and Permalink.

In any case, always make sure your effort is rewarded with a do follow link. Remember that a no follow link does not convey authority and since you are paying, try not to be bullied.

SEO Technique 7: Assemble a PBN

Let’s go with the penultimate SEO technique to get quality links that always generates controversy. I speak of building a PBN or blog network.

What is a PBN?

We could define it as a network of blogs, which you create and manage for the sole purpose of helping you position your main website through the placement of links that point to your main domain.

In short, you create several blogs in which you link to your website to convey as much authority as possible.

Creating these networks takes a lot of work. On the one hand, you have to launch several different pages with the time and money that that implies. On the other hand, you have to try to create your PBN by setting up blogs with domain names that already have authority since if you choose totally new domains, they will start with authority 0 and then their links would not be of much use until after a while.

Therefore, you must find domains that are at least one year old, a high domain authority, preferably greater than 30, and a clean link history, that is, no one has used that domain before to set up another PBN.

These domains are usually difficult to buy since there are people who are exclusively dedicated to their sale. However, using the right tools you can hunt down a bargain. I recommend Expired Domain Tracker.

When you have found several domains of this type, it will be time to set up your PBN and create content related to the project you want to position. If you want to know more about this, I advise you to take a look at this post by Dean Romero where he explains how to set up one PBN.

SEO Technique 8: Use Footprints

In case you don’t know, a footprint is a command that we can use with Google to perform specific searches. For example, if I click on Google, the search engine will show me all the indexed results that I have for my website.

Thanks to these types of commands, getting links on a certain topic or a certain TLD can become a simpler task than usual.

Site: .xyz inure: blog «post a comment» – «you must be logged in»

Websites will appear that allow the inclusion of comments in which you can put your website and be linked.

You can also search for keywords in blogs that have comments in which you can put your link and are self-approved, that is, no one checks that you are putting a link without censoring it. For this you can use this footprint:

Keyword «Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) » «your name: »

If I had a cooking and recipes blog and wanted to get my first links, I could try to find such blogs by putting this footprint using the keyword “recipes”. This way you will find me blogs that allow comments with unverified links.

Recipes «Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) » «your name:»

And why do I use these words in the footprint and not others? Because after much searching, it has been discovered that the blogs that allow this have those phrases in the comments area:  Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) + your name and we are telling Google to find us the websites that have that phrase in your content in addition to the initial keyword we want.

Easy right? This SEO technique to get links will be good depending on the chosen theme. You can find good sites for themed recipes but maybe not car themes. The point is to test and research your own footprints to find quality sites.

WPLegit Staff
At WPLegit, you will find content on WordPress tutorials with basic information about the platform, its installation and configuration. In addition to links with information about plugins, Web design, SEO, guides and much more.


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