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The 10 best SEO Plugins for WordPress to position your website


Having a website or a blog does not mean appearing in the first Google results. Keep in mind that less than 10% of people who search through search engines go to the second page. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the SEO of your website. For this, today I present a list of the 10 best SEO plugins for WordPress so that you can improve your web positioning and appear in the first results.

Maybe you can find more extensive lists of SEO plugins for WordPress, but you should know that if you install a large number of plugins, your website will slow down and Google will get angry and lower your rankings.

Plugins consume resources so try to install only those that provide you with something. 100 plugins that add many extra functionalities are of no use, if then your website loads slower than the bad guy’s horse and you can’t take advantage of them.

General settings SEO plugins for WordPress

This type of SEO plugins allow you to configure almost all SEO aspects of your website so that you can position your content quickly and easily. In addition, you sneak positioning errors on your website based on the keywords that you indicate that you want to position.

Yeast SEO

It is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress that you can find and it is one of the easiest ways to improve the SEO of your website in WordPress. In fact, it is the one I use.

It is very easy to configure and allows you to optimize all SEO on Page factors of your website. Every time you create a new page or post, a small box will appear below the text area where you insert the content, where this SEO plugin for WordPress will allow you to set your target keyword and do an analysis to see if you have optimized the content correctly.

As you can see, you have to enter the keyword you are targeting on that page or post and the SEO Yeast plugin will tell you the things you do well and the things you can improve. Basically, this SEO plugin will help you improve your WordPress web positioning by measuring the SEO quality of your content with a small traffic light that shows 3 colors:

  • Red: poor optimization.
  • Amber: there is still room for improvement.
  • Green: well optimized content.

In addition, it will also allow you to improve the SEO of your website by modifying some settings:

Change the urn slug:  In case you don’t know, WordPress by default generates unfriendly rules, that is, rules that have numbers, letters and signs that have no meaning for people (for example p123? ). With Yeast SEO you can change this by putting keywords in their place so that Google can better identify and rank your content. For example, if you are creating an article for your blog that deals with how to make ads in Ad Words, you could put the slug with the keyword so that it looks like this: how-to-make-ads-ad words .your domain. Com / your domain. Com /

Optimize the titles of your pages:  Whether it is a static page or your blog posts, you can change the SEO title that will appear in the search results from the snippet editor that it incorporates at the end of each article.

Create specific Meta descriptions: Meta descriptions are those little bits of text that Google displays in search results. By default, WordPress puts the first paragraph of your article there. However, with Yeast SEO you can put whatever you want to attract more users. Take advantage of this space to put your main keyword and a striking text to get you many clicks.

Index or de-index pages:  Normally you don’t want Google to index all your pages and content. You can have duplicate content or pages with access restricted to administrators that you do not want to appear in the search engine. For example, if you have a blog, it is better not to index the categories since this type of page shows a summary of the entries identical to the one generated by the blog section.

His plugin is another of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. Its features and functionalities are very similar to Yeast SEO. There is no one better than the other, so try both and leave only the one that is most practical for you installed.

All One SEO Pack has some advantage in terms of very advanced settings and resource consumption (slightly lower), but it is not so easy to handle if you are new to SEO. Whatever you choose, it will be a good choice.

SEO plugins for WordPress to improve the speed of your website

Although with the two plugins above you already have almost all the SEO on Page work done, there are many more factors if you want to improve the SEO positioning of your website in WordPress. One that is increasingly determining is the loading speed. If your website takes a long time to load, forget about appearing in the first results despite good content.

In addition to importing directly to Google, it is also a factor that users take into account. In fact, it will have happened to you on more than one occasion that you try to access a website and it takes so long to load that you end up closing it and opting for another option that has appeared in the search results. I advise you that if this is your case, put an end to it as soon as possible.

WP Smash

This is another of the SEO plugins for WordPress that can make your website significantly improve if you have the images without optimizing.

A couple of weeks ago a client asked me to help him improve the SEO of his website in WordPress. I told him to send me the link to keep an eye on it and what was my surprise to see that it took me almost 15 seconds to load.

The first thing I did was go to GTmetrix and enter the urn in the parser. And do you know what I found? Gigantic images whose size ranged between 3 and 6 mob. What did I do? Among other things, I installed the WP Smash plugin and began to put all the images and icons I had on a diet.

However, you have to bear in mind that the plugin has a limit and cannot optimize the images to 100% like the compression system of a good hosting would. This type of premium hosting has software that automatically compresses all the images on your website to make your page fly.

BJ lazy load

When you access a web page, it usually loads the whole thing at once, downloading the text, images and all the content there is. This means that if you have a few images, the browser has to download many more kilobytes.

What this plugin does is load and show the images only when the user moves to where they are. Therefore, in the initial load, which is really what the user cares about, you will show the page quickly without having to wait for your website to load all the images at once. This greatly improves the loading speed of pages with a large number of photos.

When someone loads your website, their browser makes a series of requests to the server that it has to return so that the browser gradually assembles the website. However, there is the alternative of caching information to return it faster.

But… What is cache?

It is a type of memory that stores information that can be reused, and then serve it much faster. In this way, not all the scripts are executed over and over again, consuming resources and increasing time.

CTR increase SEO plugins for WordPress

A very important factor that Google takes into account when improving the SEO positioning of your WordPress is that your results have a high percentage of clicks or CTR.

In case you don’t know, the CTR is the number of clicks you receive compared to the number of times you appear in the results. For example, if a link to my blog appears on the Google results page 100 times each month, and 5 people click, my CTR will be 5%.

And how can you increase this CTR? With eye-catching titles, optimizing the Meta descriptions and using a trick that I explain below.

KK star Ratings

And you ask yourself, what good is this to me?

Well, as I said, it serves to attract the attention of users and make them click on your result instead of others. Keep in mind that when someone searches for something, they return many results, all very similar, with a title, a link and a description. If you add this little touch, you will be different from the rest and your link will attract a lot of attention and your CTR will increase.

SEO plugins for WordPress for analysis and link management

These types of SEO plugins help you take care of broken links and pages that no longer work.

Broken Link Checker

Do you know that having broken links on your website that lead nowhere penalizes your web positioning?

When your website grows, it may happen that you make a change in some urn that you have linked in another part of your page, or you have simply linked to an external site that later has disappeared. If this happens to you, know that it affects you doubly.

On the one hand, if Google detects that you have many broken links, it is a reason to put a negative pinpoint to your content and consequently lower some position in the results.

On the other hand, if users click on a link that gives them an error, you make the experience they have with your website negative and they go where they have been increasing the bounce rate and losing visits.

What Broken Link Checker does is to crawl the web looking for and capturing this type of negative links, whether they are internal between your own pages, or external to other websites. When the plugin finds one of these errors, it shows you a warning so that you can review the link and fix it or replace it with another. If you prefer, you can configure the alerts so that they reach your email.

404 Redirected

This is another of the most important SEO plugins for WordPress to correct errors that may be penalizing you.

On occasion, it may happen that you create a page or a blog entry with an urn that you later regret and change its name. If we change the urn and that’s it, if someone tries to access the old urn, either because they have it saved in favorites, or because they have linked you to that specific page, they will visit a nice error that Google does not like. To solve these types of errors, the best way is to install a plugin that allows you to make redirects so that when a user goes to the old link that no longer exists, you can automatically redirect him to another page.

SEO plugins for WordPress to get traffic

We are ending with the last two plugins that, although they do not directly affect SEO, they do have an indirect correlation through other factors. I’m talking about the traffic factor. If you increase the traffic of your content, Google will see it with good eyes and it will be useful when it comes to improving the positioning of your website.


We already know that social networks do not help you position directly. No matter how many times you have been shared on Facebook or retweeted your content, Google will not take it into account. However, what it does take into account is the number of visits you receive. Therefore, if your content is widely disseminated on social networks, traffic will increase and thus improve your SEO positioning. Monarch is the social media plugin that I like the most because of its simple and beautiful design, and because it also consumes almost no resources. You can place the share buttons of your main social networks in various areas and customize the layout and animations. With this plugin, every time a user clicks on any of the buttons, they can share the content of the page in a single click without having to copy the link or put any title. Monarch already does it for you. One of the ways to achieve virility for your content is to insert small phrases that people who read you can tweet with just one click. This plugin will allow you to do that so that the user shares those phrases that you put on a tray within a box.

Before finishing, I wanted to leave you other articles that may surely interest you:

  • Kinder tutorial, the best free tool to find the best keywords for your website and blog.
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Do you have any doubt?

I hope you liked this list with the best SEO plugins for WordPress. If so, please share this post on your social networks, subscribe to the blog and take a look at my YouTube channel where I talk about SEO, web design and digital marketing.

Finally, I would like to know your opinion about these SEO plugins and know if you would add any other to improve the positioning of your website in WordPress.

WPLegit Staff
At WPLegit, you will find content on WordPress tutorials with basic information about the platform, its installation and configuration. In addition to links with information about plugins, Web design, SEO, guides and much more.


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